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Secure transaction – the main task of the site

All customers of the site (and all him subdomains) are completely protected from possible financial risks at working with Executors. At that date when the Executors are guaranteed, they’ll receive a monetary reward for timely and qualitatively done work on the topic of the assignment. The main thing is to perform the task qualitatively and on time. These conditions work thanks to the service – “Safe transactions”

This is a unique service with tasks where money for work is reserved, that is, they are transferred from the bitcoin of the Customer’s purse to the bitcoin of the resource purse even before work commences, and only after the successful execution of the assignment is paid to the Contractor. But it’s  worth noting that in the event of late delivery of the order or its substandard performance, the amount of payment is transferred back to the Customer.

That resource is responsible for the safety of funds during the Safe Transactions, and also acts as a guarantor of payment for work. And if there are conflict situations between the Customer and the Contractor, then the Arbitrator, that is not interested in a third party, which helps to solve any problems that arise during the cooperation and correctly dispose of the reserved funds. There may be two options for resolving the conflict:

  • If the Transaction is executed at the highest level, according to the requirements in the assignment and delivered on time, then the money is paid to the Contractor.
  • Money is returned to the Customer only if the deadline for the assignment has been violated or the work is not performed in the proper order.

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Stages and features of the process of cooperation in Safe Transactions:

  1. Offer a bargain. At this stage, the customer creates a unique order, which indicates the topic of the work, the task itself, the requirement for it, the amount of the budget and the deadlines for its implementation. After this, the task is published, and becomes available for accepting proposals from the performers.
  2. Agreement of all conditions. In the correspondence, the Parties specify the assignment, as well as the amount of remuneration for its implementation. In addition, the deadline for the submission of work is agreed upon. After all discussions, the Contractor can give consent to the Deal or refuse it, if something does not suit him.
  3. The process of reserving funds. After the Contractor has agreed to cooperate, the Customer reserves the amount of payment on the resource in bitcoins. At the same time, the site acts as a guarantor of their safety throughout the whole period of cooperation. It is important to note that the site does not charge a single percent of any transfers in bitcoins.
  4. The very performance of the task. At this stage of cooperation, the Contractor carries out the assignment, communicates with the Customer, giving out some results. Once the Contractor has completed the work, he informs the Customer about it.
  5. Arbitration. It may be necessary to seek assistance in Arbitration, if there is a disagreement or a conflict situation between the Parties. The arbitrator studies the situation, settles the disagreement and makes a decision, to pay the reserved money in bitcoins to the Contractor or return to the Customer.
  6. Payment for the work performed and completion of the transaction. After checking the job by the Customer, it confirms the successful completion of the job, and the amount of payment in bitcoins that is reserved on the site is transferred to the account of the Contractor. If there were disagreements, and there was an appeal to the Arbitration, then, depending on the decision, the money can return back to the Customer.
  7. Leave feedback on work and credit rating. After the Transaction is closed, the Parties may leave on the site the feedback and opinion on their cooperation with this customer or performer.

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