Financial Guarantee |

If the work is not performed in full or at the specified time, which appears in the conditions of the order, (and all its sub-domains) guarantees the return of funds to your card or electronic wallet.

Also, if the order was overdue, you can make a cancellation made to order with a refund of the paid money. In the event that a dispute has arisen on your behalf that will not be settled in the future, you have the right to apply to arbitration.

If you are offered payment for services or are asked to prepay for them outside of (and all of its sub-domains), beware of such requests. So you run into a huge risk of losing money and time.

Also, if you place an order outside our site, we can not guarantee its execution and the return of your money spent.

It is strictly forbidden to make offers for registration of purchases and insists on paying customers outside of the site (and all its sub-domains), because this service is not able to ensure successful completion of the transaction and bears reputational damage.

In case of detection of these violations, the service administration has the right to lock this merchant account.

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