Build and Grow Your Client List with Sortfolio

Build and Grow Your Client List with Sortfolio

Your business is an investment and your work makes up your portfolio… right? So, how do you get work?

From your clients of course!

As a freelancer, your ability to get clients can truly make or break your business. One of the fastest ways to gain clients is to drive more and more traffic to your freelance website. Obviously, there are hundreds of ways to make that happen, but today, let’s examine one specific tool you can utilize to gain an ever-growing client list.

How Can Online Directories Help You?

Let Sortfolio Help Build Your Client List

One of the easiest and best ways to drive traffic to your website is to list yourself in an online directory. Directories come in all forms and types and can list businesses across a wide variety of industries. There are directories on regional, state and even national levels. The kind of directory we’re looking at today is called an industry-specific directory.


Industry-specific directories are fantastic for a few reasons. Clients who use these directories often already have a specific project in mind, which means an easier consultation and proposal. Clients also don’t have to search for hours on end if they know of a directory to look through.

So, immediately, a client has an element of convenience in their search for the right person to complete their project. This is where you want to be… right at a potential client’s fingertips so that all they have to do is click!

Using Sortfolio to Help You Build Your Client List

One of the best online directories for web designers and developers is called . It is a free online directory that lists businesses both by geographical area as well as by budget!

Use Sortfolio to Build Your Client

For some clients, budget is the most important part of finding the right person so if area isn’t super important to them, they have the option to choose based on what you’d work for. It’s really neat. And again, it’s a free listing! All designed to help you grow your client list, and your business.

How Does it Work?

Signing up for is a breeze! You basically create your own ad by uploading an image of your choice as well as your business logo, add your email, a few details and done! You’re listed in a business directory!

You’ll want to plan to have an ideal budget range that you can list. Be sure to consider all possibilities – remember the scope of work on one project can be completely different than another so you’ll want to account for those instances.

Make sure you pick a really good image. It’ll show up on your ad and so many shoppers are visual so pick something that you think will really stand out.

Spend A Little, Invest A Lot

Like most business services, gives you the option to upgrade your advertisement. If you can work $99 into your budget per month, you’ll have a highlighted ad that is four times the size of a free ad. Take a look at the difference between the sizes.Use Sortfolio to Build Your Client

The size difference alone is huge but if you decide to upgrade, will place your ad at the top of the page as a “featured” advertisement so it’s one of the first ones visitors will see. Turn them from a prospect into another paying project on your client list.

Boost Your Traffic with Sortfolio

The bottom line is that you want to boost traffic to your website. If you can do that with , why not give it a go?

Maybe you already use social media and email marketing to gain traffic and leads. And that’s great! But a good business plan involves a lot of investment and like any good investor knows, the way to grow a portfolio is to diversify.

Remember the old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Well, let be your new basket to try!

It might be a good idea to list your business on the free service and track where your leads are coming from. If you find that is a good source of traffic and even lands you one or two new clients, you can upgrade at a later date.


What are your current methods to gaining traffic? Do you think an online directory would be beneficial to you? We would love to hear your results and thoughts – share them in the comments below!

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