Advantages of working |

We believe the future of work is independent and decentralised, and that there is a better way to manage and pay

Select the language zone of the site for easy communication with customers/freelancer and freelance market. More than 100 language zones

We do not withhold money for any transfers

All transactions work through the Escrow (safe transaction) system

Select one or more freelancers for one job. (Example: Choosing the best variant of the logo from all offered or distributing flyers)

Placement of the job for offline work

We offer automatically the necessary language area of the site for work in case the customers/freelancer has changed the country.
Manual selection of the language zone of the site where it will be more convenient to work

Ease of withdrawal of funds and their legalization as we work in bitcoins (BTC)

High pay for the freelancer at the same time a large selection of professional freelancers from the lower economies of the countries

Version of the site for visually impaired visitors. The user can change the color scheme and font sizes

Decency of users is on average higher than on local freelance marketplace

Even the freelancers are trying to subvert themselves – trying to monitor and control through payment services, setting limits and charging interest. There were freelance exchanges, where it is not so easy to get the earned money – they should be begged by the administration. Such exchanges are a vivid example of centralization, which has become a kind of guarantor for customers and executors – such a semblance of the state. Even having a chance to become a bit freer in freelancing, a person begins to shift responsibility for his life to someone, in this case, the stock exchange. And again it suffers because of this.

For a freelancer there is only one way to avoid unnecessary bindings to the system – to work with the customer directly, using open sites for acquaintances and getting paid in bitcoins. All freelancing is built on trust and you can not get away from it, and it’s normal when two people, working with each other, believe that one gets the ordered, and the second – payment. Is it not wonderful, when two individuals interact effectively without any control?

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